Character: Mu

Codename: Mumu2016jumping-569

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Real Name:,Miu Lee
First Appearance:,Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids #1 (online)
Eyes:,light brown
Hair:,dark brown – usually with red (and a touch of yellow) streaks
Powers:,Ice and Heat bursts
Abilities:,Miu (Codename Mu) is excellent at languages as well as an artist. She possesses the ability to radiate ice bursts from her left hand and heat bursts from her right hand.
Universe:,Earth-077 (Apokalupsis Universe)

She came to Malta from Hong Kong to study English. After the latest H12N1 outbreak in her home country, she has remained in Malta as travel is not allowed where H12N1 is rampant. In the meantime she has joined the Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids superhero team.

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