Character: Chinese Emperor


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Real Name:,Unknown
First Appearance:,Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids #2 (online)
Height:,It is not known.
Eyes:,dark black
Abilities:,His strength is greater than normal men or women.
Universe:,Earth-077 (Apokalupsis Universe)

He was born many years ago in China, and rules all the land with an iron fist. He was quite simply an arrogant person. Nobody knows what became of him as nothing was written in the history books.

Some experts believe that the emperor’s skeleton remains in the main mausoleum. Others believe that the underground palace was ransacked. Nobody knows why he did not have an empress. It may be that he hated women or that he had so many concubines.

In reality the “Lion” Fengshiye changed him into a stone statue for many years and gave him another chance to change his ways in the present day, in Malta.

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