Free Comic Book Day 2011 Freebie Downloads!

Here’s a free download once more for Free Comic Book Day 2011, available for free in digital cbz form, here’s the first issue of RRK Evangelisti, or Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids as it was called at the time it was originally issued.
Free Comic Book Day in 2011 will be celebrated on Saturday 7th May 2011 worldwide, including Malta.

UPDATE: The download has been reuploaded.
Download link (Filesonic)
You can also get it in printed form from if you like.

Also, the sci-fi thriller “Apokalupsis” webcomic released on this site is currently being reposted EXCLUSIVELY on the Apokalupsis Webcomics Facebook Page.


Also check out the new RRK Evangelisti facebook page!

RRK Evangelisti #2 Page 1

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…The first page of the new issue is available.
Malta’s premier superhero team has gone to Narith, the “romance island”, to face the alien Zeni who has threatened to destroy earth’s nations if they do not “convert” to his religion.

Structure, Mu, Mr Quick and Wildcard have landed their craft and now have encountered Zeni.

“You again! Interfering with my work as a prophet!” Zeni exclaims.

Mr Quick replies “Yes, it’s us, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids”.

“You face Zeni at your risk, humans!” Zeni replies.