Comics I’m Reading: Justice League 3000 Volume 1

This is an amazing series. It’s inspired loosely from various other scifi including Dollhouse and Star Trek.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern comprise the League in the year 3000, BUT the are not the originals! Neither are they descendants.
We have the concept that you can program different traits and memories of long-dead people into volunteers (are they?) so they can become new superheroes. This setup by Cadmus in the 31st century is very reminiscent of the Dollhouse by Joss Whedon. Only the memories are a bit defective. Superman keeps thinking he can fly, but he cannot. He doesn’t like being called Clark. Green Lantern doesn’t have a ring and he says he feels “naked”.

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Comics I’m Reading: Katana Miniseries Review (new 52)

Katana (2013) – DC Comicskatana010cover
I’m reading the Katana miniseries from 2013. It’s a nice miniseries, perhaps not to everyone’s taste. I like the imaginary sword and other clans as found in Green Arrow too.
I’m enjoying the art and the writing by Ann Nocenti. Katana named herself after the sword that killed her husband and absorbed his soul.

The big reveal about how Katana’s husband Maseo died.. wow. It’s nice to see the Creeper, and a Japanese bordello. However reading the followup Justice League Dark 23.1 shows what was behind Maseo’s actions.
Back to Katana – I loved Katana’s flirting with Sickle, Mateo’s brother. And the history of the Outsiders, again who we see in Green Arrow, is written as tattoos all over on a woman’s body.
Indeed, a big prophecy about Katana is written on her belly! Katana hasn’t been much of her old self, in her fight against the Outsiders. It’s all part of the prophecy.
For me it was worth reading, interesting characters and a lovely story. Make sure to read the Creeper Tie-in too.

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