Comics I’m Reading: Earth-2 Annual 2 (the new Batman’s origin so SPOILERS)

Yes this DC comic is a good one. The art may be a bit confusing at times, but the story drops a big reveal in the Earth-2 universe. We learn a lot of details on the origin of the first Batman which leads to the next one. Thomas Wayne, here, did NOT die. He was involved with the Falcones and it was his fault that he and Martha ended up gunned down. The well known origin has been expanded upon well.earth2annual2

The new Batman turns out to be Thomas Wayne himself, using the Miraclo drug. It is a shocking revelation. He is still addicted to the drug but doesn’t care as at his age he doesn’t have anyone else to live for.

Writer: Tom Taylor
Pencils: Robson Rocha
Inks: Scott Hanna

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Comics I’m Reading: Katana Miniseries Review (new 52)

Katana (2013) – DC Comicskatana010cover
I’m reading the Katana miniseries from 2013. It’s a nice miniseries, perhaps not to everyone’s taste. I like the imaginary sword and other clans as found in Green Arrow too.
I’m enjoying the art and the writing by Ann Nocenti. Katana named herself after the sword that killed her husband and absorbed his soul.

The big reveal about how Katana’s husband Maseo died.. wow. It’s nice to see the Creeper, and a Japanese bordello. However reading the followup Justice League Dark 23.1 shows what was behind Maseo’s actions.
Back to Katana – I loved Katana’s flirting with Sickle, Mateo’s brother. And the history of the Outsiders, again who we see in Green Arrow, is written as tattoos all over on a woman’s body.
Indeed, a big prophecy about Katana is written on her belly! Katana hasn’t been much of her old self, in her fight against the Outsiders. It’s all part of the prophecy.
For me it was worth reading, interesting characters and a lovely story. Make sure to read the Creeper Tie-in too.

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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

I finally got around to watching Snyder’s Batman vs Superman. This a brief review. This is my opinion. Feel free to disagree but that’s that.


It’s not as bad as some may have led us to think. It is still mostly a mess, mind you. It’s launching the Justice League in the DCEU

The way I see it: It’s all Jonathan Kent’s fault and the way Clark was raised. Really 🙂

All I will say it could have been much better with a different Jonathan, but that’s what we’ve got here. In Man of Steel he tells Clark not to help others with his superpowers. Which is why Superman lets civilians die in that other movie. Batman tells – no warns – Superman not to let anyone die in this one.

Alexander (he doesn’t call himself Lex here) Luthor and Wonder Woman are superb here. He does laugh a bit too much at times… but it’s mostly ok.

I enjoyed the brief glimpse of Ronon.. I mean Aquaman too.

Enjoy the trailer: