APOKALUPSIS the web comic books are (C) Apokalupsis Webcomics 1993-2021…

Welcome to the relaunched site.

The concept of Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids was first developed back in 1993, when here in Malta we (well only a few people) only had email / uucp access to the Internet…

It went on to be become Malta’s first webcomic, then at the cwebdesign.com domain, together with some other series such as ‘Apokalupsis’ itself and some Bible stories.

The first issue was totally reimagined and redrawn, and was available in printed form only published via lulu.com.

Now  it is being represented and a new issue – in full 3d digital art – is being prepared.


I do not like my art stolen and submitted without my permission. No part of my art is allowed to be republished without permission, not even if it is for a “review”.

I know people will steal and claim other’s property as their own, and continue to take advantage of unknown and well known hard working people, because that is the easy way
but not the good way, for them or for anyone else.  I am not a professional comics artist. I try to respect all artists. Even if they do art for fun, they deserve to have their artwork respected.

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