Batman and Robin: Worst Superhero movie ever

And here’s the trailer

Batman and Robin was a superhero film released in 1997. It was based on the DC comics characters Batman and Robin. It is generally acknowledged to be a train wreck of a movie.It was the fourth and last installment of the first Batman film series by Warner Brothers. Tim Burton was no longer involved.

In my opinion this is the worst superhero movie ever made!

Terrible acting, directing. Only Chris O’Donnell and Michael Gough appear to have some talent.

According to Batman, “Superman does not want a partner because partners tend to want cars that chicks dig” ?

Mr. Freeze, despite being a professor, has very a very limited vocabulary, which includes ice puns.

A terrible and incoherent movie.

Schumacher  treats the entire Batman franchise like a joke and wants to insult Batman fans and the general audience. Was he on drugs when he did this train wreck? There is more special effects than acting here.

John Glover, which I’m familiar with as Lex’s father in Smallville, overacts too as Dr Jason Woodrue. George Clooney’s Batman is average but his Bruce Wayne is non-existent.  He doesn’t know what to say, it seems. Just look at his dinner with his fiance’.

The action scenes are elaborately complex and can be hard to follow. Clooney and Schwarzenegger (Mr Freeze) never met each other while filming according an article last December. The article says that Clooney feels Batman & Robin is such a stinker, he says it is “physically” painful for him to watch the Warner Bros. superhero installment. Clooney said

“We never even saw each other. It’s a big, monster machine, and I just sort of jumped in and did what they said.”


It’s not that I like my Batman to be extremely dark, but here it’s extremely campy, which I don’t like either.



And here’s the trailer.