Apokalupis Webcomics Anthology #1 is now Available

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The first Anthology of Apokalupis Webcomics is now available on your Kindle or your tablet (using the free Kindle app):
Amazon UK: Apokalupsis Webcomics Anthology – April 2016 #1 (Apokalupsis Anthology)

It is also available via Drivethrucomics at the same price.

This issue contains webcomics material from Malta that appeared on this website from the 1990’s to the present day, plus some extra material like pinups and a look at future art for Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids.

Stories included: Apokalupsis (futuristic murder thriller), the story of St Paul’s Shipwreck, Manga Genesis, Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids (RRK Evangelisti) #1 and 2.

This was a work of love and created through a number of years. It includes hand-drawn art, computer coloring and 3d rendering. Enjoy.