New Malta Comics Expo Was Not Worth the Visit

I Went to the new MaltaComics Expo at Rahal Gdid..
it was a dull affair.. not much to see, mainly a bunch of statues.
And there is a ban on photography, so I can’t show you how the place or anything there looks. Mind you, there isn’t a sign that says so.

So there will be no reviews or recommendation for the event from myself.

There were no cosplayers, either.
There were people asking for money for L-iStrina annoyingly in your face, and I’m not comfortable with how that money was used this year (let’s not get into that) by l-Istrina.
No offense, but I won’t be going again tomorrow, or indeed next year.

UPDATE: There was a really nasty facebook reaction with a personal attack. I’m shocked that anyone would do that.
1) The reason I’m not comfortable with community chest fund’s l-istrina is this news:

2) Abroad, everywhere there is a comic con the general public (not just one person) is allowed to take photos, just as this yahoo answers shows: