Character: Wildcard

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wildcardCodename: Wildcard

Real Name: Dan Scicluna-Simmonds
First Appearance: Rock 'n' Roll Kids #1 (online)
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 100kg
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Powers: Turns time backwards
Abilities: Wildcard can "rewind" time back a few seconds. Will he ever manage to improve his ability?
Nationality: Maltese
Universe: Earth-077 (Apokalupsis Universe)


Wildcard – real name Dan Scicluna-Simmonds (yes one of those pesky Maltese double-barrelled surnames) – is a Maltese superhero and a member of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids team.

His power is not that dramatic. He can turn time back a few seconds, sometimes it is crucial enough to turn the tables on the bad guys.

He sometimes feels that he lets down the team, but this is NOT true! He is the team’s experienced pilot. His dayjob indeed involves piloting planes with Air Middle Earth, a new airline.